Everything You Need to Know About Pricing Your Classes for Success

Our guide to navigating the pros and cons of activity pricing models, what kind of business each works best for, and how much parents expect to pay for different kinds of classes.


Working out how to charge for your classes is not a simple decision. Choosing the right pricing model can make the difference between running a sold out class and having lots of empty spots left to fill.

Depending upon the age of children your classes are suited for, the type of activity you run and how much your charge per session will go a long way to determining the best pricing model to adopt.

To help you navigate the range of options, we’ve created a series of in-depth guides that help explain the relative strengths and weaknesses of each pricing model. From free trials to block bookings; each guide provides expert analysis into what to consider when exploring a particular pricing model, as well as comparing and contrasting their relative strengths and weaknesses.

We also share useful data collected from analysing thousands of classes across the UK to reveal insights such as:

  • How much parents expect to pay for different class types

  • The relative popularity of pricing type by category

  • Which price models most common depending upon the age of children you cater for

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Comparing pricing models

Single Sessions

How much should you charge for one session of your class? How can you offer the flexibility of single sessions and encourage longer term bookings too? Here’s everything you need to consider before setting your prices.

Termly Booking

Everything you need to know before setting up your new term prices - from why families want the option to book for the term, what you should do in case of missed sessions, pro-rata pricing & more.


Free Trials

Should you offer free trials? How can you make sure families to come back? And what about no shows? Your guide to the good and bad of running free trials.

Paid Trials

Why should you consider paid trials? Are they effective? And how much should you charge for a trial class? Read our guide to get started

Free or Paid Trials: Which is best for you?

Do free trials attract more customers? Do parents find paid trials off-putting? How to figure out what works for your business.


Block Bookings

Should you consider offering parents a block booking option? Or go with flexi passes instead? How’s it different to a term booking? Read the guide to get started.

Flexi Passes

Why you should consider using flexi passes, what kinds of classes they are best suited to, and top tips for managing attendance.

Memberships & Subscription

What kinds of activity providers are best suited to offering a monthly membership charge? Here’s some things to consider before deciding if it’s right for you.


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