7 Top Tips: Marketing Your Holiday Workshops

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Get ready for the holidays! Here’s our guide to what parents are looking for in a holiday workshop, and how to make sure families understand what you’re offering, and why it’s great for them.

Zebra Skate  are a popular holiday workshop based in London, offering single day or five-day bookings of skateboarding and rollerblading day camps.

Zebra Skate are a popular holiday workshop based in London, offering single day or five-day bookings of skateboarding and rollerblading day camps.

Holiday workshops a chance for children to deepen their knowledge and passion for a particular interest, as well as an important lifeline for working parents during the holidays.

As our guide to half-term pricing reveals, the cost of holiday workshops is typically a big investment for parents. Families are potentially looking for an activity to fill a week or more of their child’s time, and will do a lot of research to make sure the holiday workshop that they choose for suits their needs.

Looking for something that will entertain or educate their child (or both!) during the break, and that fits around the family schedule means that it’s a big decision for a parent or carer, so getting the marketing right for your holiday activities has a huge impact.

How you present your workshop can make the difference between struggling to fill all your spots and adding a strong new revenue stream to your business to complement your term-time bookings. Here’s some of our top tips to effectively market your holiday workshops.



Make it clear what you’re offering

Are you offering a skills based workshop that will entertain and deepen the child’s understanding of a particular interest, or are you offering interesting and helpful child care for working parents? You’re most likely offering both!

When marketing your holiday workshops, be clear in how you address both needs for parents. If you offer wrap around care or run for a full working day, then be clear how the day will be structured, including when snack times will occur and the lunch options or requirements that you offer.

For workshops with that specialise in teaching a particular skill, clearly outline what the participating child will get from it. Will they create something to take home, code a simple game or participate in an end-of-course show? Let parents know what they can expect!



Understand the lifetime value of a customer

Parents and carers always value the expertise and experience of teachers, and especially when comparing holiday workshops where the child will be spending a longer period of time with your teaching staff.

Sharing the backgrounds and experience of teachers and activity leaders makes it clear to parents that their children are in safe hands. Shouting about the people that make your activities unique can be as simple as mentioning a drama instructor’s professional acting experience, an art teacher’s degree in fine art or even how many years you’ve been running your workshops for.



Stand out from the crowd

Holiday periods are an opportunity for children to learn a skill or try something new. From parkour classes and skateboarding lessons to coding camps and LEGO engineering, parents want their children to do something memorable, so there’s a huge opportunity for activity providers to offer workshops that break the norm.

Run more familiar family activities? Fear not, football camps and ballet workshops aren’t going to stop being popular anytime soon! But, to stand out from the crowd, think about how best to present your activities.

Eye-catching activity images, engaging descriptions and imagination-capturing titles are essential. A recent Hoop study revealed that there are 1,357 different dance classes  in London alone. To grow your business in such a competitive landscape, use imagery and language that captures the imagination of an audience already inundated with information.



Publish your activities early

Organising childcare and planning family budgets over the holiday period can be stressful. As such, we recommend publishing your workshops as early as possible. At Hoop we see organised families booking holiday workshops upwards of six weeks ahead of the holidays starting. The sooner you can publish your workshop times and dates the better your chance of capturing early demand.



Offer variety

For workshops that run for longer periods, parents may want to ensure that their child gets to do a wider range of activities over the holiday period. Make it clear if the structure of your workshops involves a mix of activities, such as multi-sports camps that offering a choice of sports or an arts workshop with different daily themes, as this will give parents confidence that their child will not be repeating the same activities day in, day out.



Parents want flexibility

Lots of parents look for holiday activities that offer the flexibility to fit in with their working day, or with holidays they’ve got booked. Where possible, offering the option for children to take part for just one morning, one day, for a full week or anything in between will give you the highest chance of attracting both parents looking for full-holiday child care solutions and parents looking to cover just part of the holiday.

Depending on the kind of activities you run, this isn’t always possible - for example, if you run activities that build on a skill day by day - but if you do offer flexibility around number of days, half days or wrap-around hours like early drop-off and late pickup, make sure parents know about it.



Price your holiday workshops for success

How you present your pricing can be a big part of securing a booking or turning a potential customer off. The cost of keeping children entertained and cared for during the school holidays can be a worry for parents, so breaking out the cost of optional extra like lunches, clothing or equipment makes it clear to families exactly what they are paying for and helps set their mind at rest.

Holiday workshops are a big financial commitment for families, so providing as much detail about the activities children will be taking part in and the flexibility you offer for families will go a long way to meeting the concerns and needs of parents. To learn more about smart pricing strategies for your holiday workshops, check out our guide to Getting Holiday Workshop Pricing Right.


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