7 Key Insights: Clementine Hancox on Marketing to Families Online

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Top insights from social media and digital marketing expert Clementine Hancox on how to reach new families online.

On the 28th March 2019, Hoop hosted an exclusive Q&A with Clementine Hancox, whose campaigns have reached millions of families globally for leading family brands including LEGO and Heinz. Clementine, a mother of two,  also co-founded Channel Mum, the UK’s first platform for mums, creating a forum for honest stories to support mums to be published.

The Q&A focussed on the practical things you can do online to reach new customers and how to engage your existing customer base effectively, from local communities to the basics of ads, how to find images and the importance of having a plan.

Below are some of her key insights from the morning. Read the full discussion here.



Have an overarching goal for your social media activity.

Come up with three to five key messages that you want to talk about on an ongoing basis on those channels. If it's getting people along to your classes, one of the messages could be what's unique about your class compared to your competitors. Another one could be the benefits for babies and children that are coming along. Think about what those might be, and that can become your content plan.



Visuals are everything on social media.

Getting good visuals is easier said than done. You've probably got some stock imagery or a few pictures that you take, but I can imagine that you feel like you have to reuse that same content a lot.

To solve this, look for different sources of content. It can be pictures that you take when you're in the activity, but also pictures that you take in your life that you can use on your social channels as well.  I don't think there's a magic formula for specifically what's going to work... what's really important with all of this is just trying it and finding out what works for you.



Find out where your customers spend time online.

Outside of the main social platforms that you'll have your own presence on, I recommend asking parents who come to your classes the kind of local blogs or Instagram channels they follow for inspiration. For your research really look at your own target audience and where they're spending their time. Then when you've done that, the next thing I would do is to identify a role that you want each of those channels to have within your marketing program.



Focus on fewer, higher quality posts.

Thinking about your posts…. it’s more about quality. Especially when your time and your resources are limited. So just focus on making what you do post as good and as useful to people as possible.

If you are trying to communicate around a specific goal or message, then focus on making sure that your content really does that rather than feeling like, ‘oh I'm constantly posting, I’ve got nothing to post today’.  Don't worry about feeling it's Tuesday so you need to put something up because you haven't done it for a week. Try and think about what you can actually do that's going to meet your objective and communicate something valuable to the audience.



Comments and shares, not followers and likes!

I mean the classic things (to focus on) are comments and shares now, rather than having lots of followers or likes. I wouldn't chase followers and likes because these days people don't necessarily follow something. People use Instagram as a research tool, so I don't think worrying about followers is the best way. If something gets comments and shares, then that's definitely a good indicator.



Jump in and engage with relevant local communities.

When it comes to contacting online communities, have a look through what they're sharing and make sure that what you've got to offer is relevant and sits well amongst the kind of stuff that they're talking about and if you feel that it is, I think just get in touch with a friendly approach.

Telling them in one sentence a bit about what you do and asking if it's something that they would ever consider talking about, and if so, what they would need and whether they’d like to come to your class. If you're holding any special events, then this is a really good way of connecting.



The most common mistake people make starting out? Not having a plan.

Apart from anything else, it’s just stressful because you're constantly feeling on the back foot and like you can't keep up.

Having a plan doesn't need to be anything fancy or detailed, just something that sketches out what you're going to do. Trying to spread yourself too thinly is another mistake, so definitely try and keep it quite focused.


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