Replying to Reviews on Hoop

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Hoop users love sharing their experiences with other families and often want to provide valuable feedback to activity organisers. This is why we now prompt Hoop customers to leave a review once they've attended an event that they've booked on Hoop.

Since launching the feature, we have learned some really important things:

  • Organisers are 2x more likely to get a booking through Hoop if they have ratings and written reviews.

  • Over two-thirds of all ratings are five stars!

  • 75% of families have told us that it is “very important” to read ratings and reviews before trying a new activity.

We also recognised that the system we devised was lacking some key features and so we’ve been working hard to introduce them.

We’ve changed the rules around when ratings display, meaning you now need a minimum of five ratings for it to appear alongside your activities. We’ve also added the type of session they booked and venue to each verified review as we recognised that both of these are important when judging a review’s relevance. Before a customer submits a review, they must also agree to our ‘Guidelines on Reviews’.

And today we’re announcing our most important change yet – replying to reviews.

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Replying to Reviews

You can now reply to any review left on Hoop by signing in to your Hoop for Organisers account and visiting the Customer Feedback section. From the day the review is submitted you’ll have 30 days to reply, and once you’ve done that it will be live on Hoop after 48 hours.

Take your time submitting a response – sleep on it, or better yet, ask a friend or trusted co-worker to read through your reply. Remember that future customers will be able to view your comments. Once submitted, your review cannot be edited, and we don’t allow for multiple replies.

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We recommend that you reply to all reviews, both positive and negative, however, there’s no need to rush. Replying to reviews is also a great way to celebrate your customers that have taken the time to share something positive about your activities and classes.

As always, thank you for giving us your feedback on our ratings and reviews feature. Your input is hugely important to us and has helped shape Hoop for the better. If you want to provide any feedback please feel free to get in touch.


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