Activity Organiser Reviews on Hoop

Families who book through Hoop are now asked to rate and review the activity organiser afterwards. Here’s a little more about why and how reviews have changed, and what we plan to do next.

Since launching Hoop three years ago we've spoken to thousands of families about how they go about finding things to do with their kids. Our goal is to create the best way for families to discover and book things to do, and so these conversations are incredibly important.

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One of the things we regularly heard was that there was no trustworthy way for families to get real opinions from the people who attend the activities that interest them. In response to this, Hoop introduced verified ratings and reviews based on the bookings that happen on the Hoop app.

We also speak regularly with a variety of activity organisers and the clear feedback from them was that, when we introduced reviews, we should do our best to ensure that they were constructive. Reviews that look like a YouTube comments section are no help to anyone.

To this end, we did the following:

  • Included a list of items that the customer either liked or thought needed improvement with a clear emphasis on actionable feedback. You can see all your feedback in the Customer Feedback section of your account.

  • Required every customer to agree to our ‘Guidelines on Reviews’.

  • Put in place a 48 hour hold on all reviews to ensure they meet those guideline.

What’s next for reviews on Hoop?

Overall, we’re pleased with how reviews on Hoop have been received since their launch. However the system can still be improved, so based on the feedback we have received from Hoop for Organisers users there are number of changes we plan to make:

  1. Prioritise a new feature that will allow organisers to respond to the reviews they receive and have them displayed on the Hoop app.

  2. Include the type of ticket that was purchased alongside class reviews – a family attending for a full term have a more rounded view of an activity than those only attending a single session.

  3. Increase the minimum number of ratings required for an average rating to display against your activities to five.

You can still ask your regulars to rate and review your activities on Hoop, by sharing your Hoop page URL. You can find this in the Customer Feedback section of your account - if you’re unsure how to access this please get in touch with us via live chat or email.

We believe that ratings and reviews on Hoop can work for the benefit of everyone. They can help families make more informed decisions about the activities they send their children to, and provide organisers with vital feedback on ways that they can improve their business. We’re grateful to everyone who has contributed to this feature since its launch and provided feedback on its use. We’re listening, and your input is hugely important to us.