Getting More Views for Your Activity Listings


Views on your Hoop listings means parents looking at your activities. Increasing your views not only means more potential customers for you but increases your chances of being shortlisted for a Hoop Award too.

Smartphones make it easy for people to scroll through life, but this also means you have a really short window to catch the attention of a potential customer. Lots of digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, emails) places the promotion you’re doing for your business against some of the most interesting content in the world to that person. You’re competing against their friend’s wedding photos, pregnancy announcements or important emails from their boss. These channels can be really effective - but it can also be hard work.

But there is another way: marketplaces. You may have already used services like Airbnb, Deliveroo or Treatwell. Unlike email or social media, the customer is coming to these channels with a specific mission - to find a holiday rental, order a takeaway or book a beauty treatment. When a parent opens Hoop, they’re already looking for a family activity - so half the work is done! Now all you need to do is make sure your activity stands out against everything else we’ve got listed…


What makes a good listing on Hoop?



Eye-Catching Images

We always recommend images that show kids having fun at your activities. This helps give parents a really clear idea of what they can expect if they come along, and reassures them that their kids will enjoy the session. We find that the images that perform best on Hoop have bright colours and happy children - and it doesn’t need to be a professional picture either. Just try to always remember to use landscape rather than portrait, as this will display more clearly on Hoop. 



Appealing Activity Title

Alongside the image, the activity title is one of the first things a parent will see. Make sure the title really describes what your activity is about - think ‘Rainbows Art Club’ rather than ‘Rainbows’. However, make sure it doesn’t get too long! Lots of the information of your class will be right there on the listing (like venue and age range), and going into the details is what your description is for. 



Clear Description

Keep your description accurate and helpful so parents know what they can expect from a session, and what their children will be doing. You can also use the description to highlight anything that makes your activity stand out, like a unique location, exciting theme or staff with special experience. Remember, key information like the location and age range, are already displayed alongside your listing.



Bookable on Hoop

Over 70% of Hoop families prefer to attend activities that they can book and pay for through Hoop. Busy parents don’t need to remember to get cash out on the way, and there’s no extra step in having to sign up for another service, making the checkout process quick and seamless. Having the orange ‘Book Now’ button on your listings ensures you’re able to convert as many potential customers as possible straight away. 


Anything else?

There are a few other areas that really help complete your listings. On Hoop we try to show families information in really visual ways to highlight the key benefits and facts they need to know about an activity. For example, if a parent is looking for an activity to help build their child’s confidence, having this marked as a benefit on your activity immediately ticks one of their boxes. 

Having profiles about yourselves or your teachers is another really reassuring factor for parents as they’ll be able to read more about who’s actually going to be running the sessions. So it helps to add more of a personal touch to your listings, and reassure parents about who’ll be taking care of their child.

Having complete listings means you’re showing parents what makes you special, and it has other benefits too. When we analysed the Hoop Award winners from 2019, we saw that organisers with complete listings were 89% more likely to be shortlisted for and win a Hoop Award. 


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