How Your Hoop Insights Can Help Grow Your Business


We’ve updated the Insights feature of Hoop for Organisers so it now includes even more data about how your activities perform. Here’s an overview of the changes, and how you can make the most of them.

Understanding your customers is really important to any business, and family activities are no different. Regularly checking your Hoop Insights means that you can see how your activities are performing. This gives you the data to be able to make changes to your business, add more classes in areas that are performing well and clarify where your may want to spend more on marketing activities. Here’s a quick overview of the key changes.

Date picker

You can now select the date range of your Insights view. Choose from handy presets including yesterday, this week, last month and more, or select a start and end date to create your own custom date range. This is great for more detailed analysis over a specific time period, like looking back over the previous term, or a specific half term, and for comparing e.g. March last year to March this year. 

More data for Boosted organisers

Sales and revenue data is now included in Hoop Insights for organisers taking bookings through Hoop. You can see this over a specific date range using the date picker, broken down per activity and organisers using Booking Links will also see sales and revenue separately for ‘direct’ and ‘marketplace’ sales, as well as a combined view. This helps you to see clearly where your sales are coming from, and to compare views and sales to understand where you could be converting more customers.

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Boosted Organisers will now see sales and revenue data alongside their views, saves and shares.

Boosted Organisers will now see sales and revenue data alongside their views, saves and shares.

Use the new date picker to select from a range of presets or set your own custom date range.

Use the new date picker to select from a range of presets or set your own custom date range.


3 Ways to Use Your Hoop Insights



Identify opportunities for growth

When you look back over your Insights, you may see that activities for a certain age group, on a certain day or time, or at a certain venue or area get more sales or more views, saves and shares. If these activities are already full, this might be a good place to expand your business. Identify what’s doing well, and do more of it! 



Convert more customers

Are you making the most from every customer that views your listings on Hoop? If you're not already using our Boosted Listings feature, try it on your most viewed activities. Hoop families prefer to book through Hoop and Boosted listings let them do this in just a couple of taps. Find out more about Boosted Listings here.

You can also use the data from Insights to identify where you need to convert more customers. See how your views relate to your sales: if an activity gets a lot of views that don’t translate into sales, consider updating the activity listing to make sure you’ve got an exciting description, great name and eye-catching image. 



Spot seasonal trends

Using the new date picker makes it easier to spot seasonal trends in how your listings perform. If there’s a certain time that you get more views and sales, like the start of a new term, or three weeks before the holidays, then make sure you make the most of it! Knowing when families are most likely to book your activity means you can plan your marketing accordingly, and make sure your listings are on Hoop in plenty of time to reach new customers.


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