No More Empty Spots: Filling Your Drop-In Classes


Run drop-in classes? Offer your customers flexibility, and fill your empty spots too. Here’s how.

At Hoop, we work with over 15,000 family activity providers, and lots of these run drop-in classes. Drop-in activities offer the flexibility for families to show up on the day, which can be incredibly valuable - but what about parents who don’t want to leave their house and get their little one excited without being able to reserve a spot? Are you missing out on customers who prefer to attend classes that have a book ahead option?

How Zip Zap grew their business with the help of Hoop’s Boosted Listings

With over 20 weekly pay-as-you-go classes, Zip Zap is a North London family favourite. Run by friends Laura and Moya, classes offer a combination of music, drama and sensory play for under 5s. As with many activities for the this age group, Zip Zap have found that their customers love having flexibility. One way that Zip Zap offers flexibility is by using Hoop’s Boosted Listings to make some spots available for customers to pay for through the Hoop app. 

This way, families who enjoy PAYG can still drop-in, but those who prefer to pay online can book through Hoop (you’d be surprised how many people change their plans based on whether or not they need to find a cashpoint that morning…!). Over 80% of Hoop families say they prefer paying via Hoop even when a drop-in option is available. 

After boosting their listings, Zip Zap saw a huge increase in views of their activities on Hoop, and this translated to lots of new customers.

After boosting their listings, Zip Zap saw a huge increase in views of their activities on Hoop, and this translated to lots of new customers.

After boosting their listings, Zip Zap saw a huge increase in views of their activities on Hoop (compare around 500 in January 2017 to almost 5000 in January 2018!). Don’t just take our word for it:

“Working with Hoop has let us give our customers even more flexibility - drop-in or book with Hoop. Their Boosted listings have helped us reach lots of new customers and we've found their online platform really easy to use and set up. It would be a mistake not to partner with Hoop, over half of our new customers come to our classes through the Hoop App.”  Laura, Zip Zap

So, how can adding bookable spots work for a drop-in activity? Flexibility! Boosted Listings have been designed to offer you the most flexible way to gain more coverage on Hoop. There are no set up or admin fees and your always in control of how many spots you like Hoop to help you fill for your class.

For example, if you have the capacity for 12 attendees and find that you’re regularly filling 6-8 of these, we would suggest you trial using Boosted listings by making 4 spots available to Hoop families. Your drop-in offering is therefore completely unchanged with 8 spots available.

With the remaining 4 spots, let Hoop help you fill them! Hoop families are just like your drop-in customers (in fact 70% of them decide what they’re doing on the day) but the big difference is that they like to be able to pay for their spot using Hoop.


Why make your activities bookable on Hoop?

  • Attract New Customers: with 1 million UK families using Hoop, we’re your biggest audience of potential customers.

  • Fill Empty Spots: every empty spot in your class is a cost to your business. Allowing families to book will help fill your activities.

  • The Best Marketing: Hoop families see Boosted partners up to 6x more often in the Hoop app and on the Hoop website, and you’ll be first to know about other promotional opportunities.

  • No Set Up Fees: it costs nothing to become a Boosted partner, we only charge when we drive you a customer. 

  • Make Customers Happy: customers love paying quickly and on the go via Hoop. 80% of our families said they preferred paying through Hoop even when drop-in option was available. 

  • Less Admin: our system is designed with hundreds of unique features to make the life of a children’s activity organiser that little bit easier.

  • Account Management: get dedicated support from our team year round and help making your listings the very best they can be.

Drop-in music class provider  EenyMeeny Music  have reached new families with Hoop’s Boosted Listings.

Drop-in music class provider EenyMeeny Music have reached new families with Hoop’s Boosted Listings.

Eddie from drop-in music class provider EenyMeeny Music says:

“Since Boosting my listings thru Hoop I have noticed loads of new customers turning up, having found me and booked via the app before their first visit. 

As a ‘Drop-in’ class Boosting has definitely expanded my reach, beyond my existing social media marketing. In the event of a couple of queries whilst Boosting my listings I emailed the team and they are always quick and keen to assist with whatever I don’t understand, but its all fairly straightforward. 

The payment process appears to be very convenient for my customers as we move towards a cashless scenario and forwarding payments to me on a monthly basis has been equally convenient. I would definitely recommend becoming a Boosted Partner with Hoop."

A few more examples of how Boosted Listings have helped activity providers to grow their businesses:

  • An Edinburgh drop-in music group welcomed 4 new customers in their very first week of running Boosted Listings.

  • A Brighton-based drop-in class receives an average of 21 customers each week from Hoop 

  • A brand new messy play provider in London Boosted their Hoop listings in mid-July, running just two Friday classes. They had so much interest from Hoop families that after just a couple of weeks, they launched two new Wednesday classes in order to meet the demand. 

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