Why Are Customer Reviews So Important?


Three quarters of families say that it is “very important” to them to read reviews. Here are a few reasons why they’re crucial for activity organisers too.

Why families choose to attend one activity over another can be a combination of lots of factors - like the child’s interests, what a friend goes to, where the activity is and how much it costs. Just like booking a hotel on booking.com or purchasing a new kettle from Amazon, one of the most important factors for families looking for activities online is reviews. In fact, 75% of families have told us that it is “very important” to them to read reviews before trying a new activity, and family activity organisers with ratings and written reviews are twice as likely to get a booking on Hoop. Here are a few things you should know about reviews:



You don’t need a perfect 5 star rating

Over 80% of Hoop families told us that their decision to attend an activity would not be affected by a negative review if there were also several positive reviews for that activity. Counterintuitive as it seems, studies like this one customers are much more likely to trust an overall rating if it is less than 5 stars. “Too good to be true” applies to online reviews - while it’s still best to have mostly 4 and 5 star reviews, an occasional less glowing one can actually make you seem more genuine, and encourage more families to try out your activities.



Positive reviews are powerful

Getting positive reviews from customers lets you know exactly what it is they love about your activities! There’s lots of ways you can use this too. Great reviews can be shared as testimonials on your website or social media, so prospective customers can see what families like them have to say about your activities. A positive review also represents a chance for you to learn what makes your activities special, so you can be sure to do more of it. Read more about getting the most of out positive reviews.



One customer’s negative can be another customer’s positive

Not everything will be everyone’s cup of tea - but that’s ok! One parent may think an activity has far too much parent participation, and they might prefer a more hands-on approach, but another parent may be searching for an activity that they can enjoy alongside their child. Neither of these are right or wrong, it’s just down to a parent’s personal taste. If this feedback comes up often, you may want to make your activity description clearer, so families know exactly what to expect from your activities.



Feedback from your customers is a chance to improve

Remember to think about feedback you receive, both positive and negative. Reviews are a chance for families to let you know what they think, and if you notice any trends or similar issues coming up often, it might be time to think about how to change it. Do more of the things your customers love, and find ways to work on what they say needs improvement. Read more about common complaints, and how you can fix them here.


Reviews aren’t just a great way to let prospective customers know what families love about your activities - they also give you valuable insights into what your customers are thinking and feeling. So how can you encourage more customers to leave reviews?

  • Ask in your activities: At the end of a session, remind customers to review you on Hoop.

  • Boost your listings: For Boosted organisers, we prompt Hoop customers to rate and review activities after they’ve attended the activity they booked.

  • Share your review link: Encourage reviews by sharing your Hoop review link on your social media or in your emails. You can find your personal review link in the Feedback section of your Hoop for Organisers account here.


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