Improving the Way You Access Attendee Information

The way you access attendee information on Hoop for Organisers has changed. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find and download the information you need.

In our most recent update to Hoop for Organisers, we’ve tidied up the way you access attendee information. This will make finding the details of anyone attending your activity much easier.

Attendee information was previously available from within the activities section of Hoop for Organisers, and this meant navigating through a series of screens in order to find it. When you needed to find this information quickly – maybe you’re on your way to your next class – the previous system wasn’t up to scratch.

190205 - Grow With Hoop - Attendees List Sidebar.jpg

To solve this problem we’ve created a dedicated section called Attendee Lists where you can access the information about everyone who has booked your activity using Hoop.

You’ll see all of your upcoming activities in time order, as well as all of your past activities too. All you need to do is the select the session that you need your customer list or register for.


For each activity, you’ll be able to view the details of each customer, as well as child details, and the answers to any booking questions you might have asked.

Just as before you’ll be able to download everything as a CSV or PDF too.

We hope this update is a big improvement to your current workflow, and if you have any feedback on how it’s working please get in touch using live chat.

190205 - Grow With Hoop - Attendees List Detail View.jpg