How to Get Amazing Activity Photos


Alongside star rating and event name, the photos that you use to promote your family activities are one of the most important tools for attracting new families to your sessions.

There are over 100,000 activities listed on Hoop each week, and we’ve analysed what makes Hoop listings stand out. Families like to see photos of happy children enjoying the activity, with bright colours. It’s also really important that the image accurately represents what families will experience if they come along - you want to make sure the activity meets expectations and showing a real image from an activity is a great way to do this.

Avoid using any images that are too dark, over-edited, overexposed, blurry or otherwise poor quality. These won’t show off your activity to its full potential and you may end up missing out on new customers! Thinking specifically about your Hoop listings, we recommend using one single photo per activity, with no text. When parents are browsing activities on the small screen of their phone, it’s much easier for them to see the detail of one standout photo than a small collage.

Here’s our top tips for capturing amazing images:



You don’t need a professional.

If you’ve got the budget for a professional photographer or have a friend or family member with the skills on hand to help out, that’s great! But you don’t always need professional-quality photos, especially for social media or your Hoop listings. Most smartphones have a decent camera and it’s now easy to take high-quality photos without any specialist equipment. Learn how to make simple adjustments to the camera settings on your phone (here’s some ideas to get started), take lots of different shots, and then pick the best ones to market your activities. 



Prepare for all seasons.

Whether you’re getting a professional photographer along or taking some photos yourself, make the most of the shoot by using seasonal props! If you’re getting some pictures of a regular class, bring along Halloween or Christmas props so you’ve got photos to promote your special sessions with. If you run seasonal events every year, be sure to get photos so you can use these to market the following year too.



New activity? Don’t worry!

If you’re starting a new activity or even a new business, you won’t have any images that show families what to expect. One way to get around this is to run a free demo session with friends and family that you can get some photos from - an added bonus of this is that you’ll get a chance to practice before your first customers come along!



Think about where you’ll use the photos.

What are you planning to use the images for? Social media, your Hoop listings, your website and printed materials may require different sizes and orientations. It’s good to remember to turn your phone and get some landscape shots, as these will fit best on your Hoop listings, and can be easier to crop for social media too. 

Hoop tip: for a free, always up-to-date image resizing tool, try Landscape by Sprout Social. Upload your images, choose the platforms you’d like them to be cropped for and download photos that’ll fit perfectly on your social feed.



Be authentic.

Parents want to see what they can really expect from your activities, not a perfectly posed snap (and who can get children to stay still and smile anyway?!). Don’t worry too much about having everyone and everything in the right spot, and instead try to get photos that capture the experience of being at one of your sessions.



Run a competition.

If families regularly take photos of their kids at your activities, you could try running a competition on social media where the winning photo gets a free term or free class. You might discover some amazing photos that already exist, and you’ll generate a buzz on social too.



Always ask for permission.

If you’re using photos of people, and especially children, always remember to get permission to share these. You can either do this by having families sign a form at the activity which you then keep, having a waiver as part of booking your activity or using one of Hoop’s custom booking questions to get photo permission as families book.


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