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Marketing to families online: How to reach and engage your customers

An exclusive Hoop Q&A with social media expert Clementine Hancox (LEGO, Channel Mum, We Are Social) in March 2019.


Clementine Hancox is social media and digital marketing expert whose campaigns have reached millions of families globally for leading family brands including LEGO and Heinz. Clementine, a mother of two,  also co-founded Channel Mum, the UK’s first platform for mums, creating a forum for honest stories to support mums to be published.

She is rare expert that knows how to make your business stand out from the crowd online, and has the hands-on experience and expertise required to connect with a local family audience. The Q&A focussed on the practical things you can do online to reach new customers and how to engage your existing customer base effectively, from local communities to the basics of ads.


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